Tapteal Water Trail


The Tapteal Water Trail (TWT) is intended to mirror the land side Tapteal Greenway Trail (TGT) through the lower Yakima River, beginning and ending at almost exactly the same locations.  While the land-based TGT begins at the Bateman Island causeway and mileage is counted going upstream to Benton City, the TWT begins at the Benton City Recreation Area and Boat Launch and mileage is counted downstream before ending at Bateman Island – a distance of slightly over  30 miles.  This project is funded by a grant from REI.

Tapteal Water Trail Map


* Notice: Site #9, West Richland Landing is closed at this time.

* Notice: Site # 10 Duportail will remain unfinished until the completion of the Duportail bridge project.

Our primary focus on this project is to provide safe public access for responsible recreational use of the Lower Yakima River. 

With the exception of Benton City at mile 0 you will see ALERT signs posted before you get to each site. This gives you plenty of time to prepare for the next take out site.


On the road you will see directional signs with the Tapteal Water Trail logo directing you to the site.


At each put in/take out  site you will find a sign with a map indicating where you are and confirmation of the site name.


At sites #2, 4, 6, 7, 11 there is a bike rack for leaving a bike  and or your canoe/ kayak while you shuttle. You will need a locking mechanism to secure your bike or canoe/kayak.


You will also find informational boards with the Tapteal Water Trail Map and brochure at sites #1, 4, 6, 7, 11 and 12.


Map and information panel

The Tapteal Water Trail brochure is available at REI, Greenies, Columbia Kayak Adventures, NW Paddleboarding, Visit Tri Cities, and at the information board sites along the Water Trail.

Have fun, watch the first section of the Water Trail, Mile 0 Benton City to mile 6.7 Upper Horn Rapids primitive take out (video courtesy of Brian Wallin)

Things to Know When On The River
 Pack out all your trash
 Lock your car and hide your valuables at shuttle sites
 Respect private property
 Be prepared for rapidly changing weather
 Some sections are exposed, with no shade or protection from wind
 Water is only available at #s 1, 4, 9, 12
 Camping is allowed only at #4
 No fires are allowed at any time
 High water is very dangerous on this stretch of the river
 You must exit the river at the Wanawish Portage

Washington’s boating under the influence (“BUI”) law is governed by RCW 79A.60.040, which has many similarities and differences to Washington’s driving under the influence law (“DUI”). Both the state law and federal BUI regulations apply to all vessels, regardless of how small or however powered. In other words, the laws apply even to canoes, row boats and small inflatable boats.

Life jackets are required!
RCW79A.60.160 requires that vessels of any length be equipped with a PFD (Personal Floatation Device) for each person. PFDs must be worn by children ages 12 and under when on the water.