Duportail Trail


As the Duportail bridge project advances public access will temporarily disappear. All of the native habitat in the area will be replaced with gravel until the project is completed.

The Duportail Trail is a section of the Tapteal Trail that connects the Chamna Natural Preserve with W.E. Johnson Park. It follows the Yakima River and offers many view points of the riparian area. Mule deer, Black Tailed jackrabbits and coyotes use this trail as a corridor for river-side travel. You will see Red Tailed hawks, Great Horned Owls and plenty of waterfowl depending on the time of day you travel the trail. This is a soft wood chipped trail that is suitable for muscle powered transport. Portions of the down river connection are a bit soft for mountain bikes but you can ride off trail on the river side. It is approximately 2 ¼ miles from Chamna to W.E. Johnson Park. Johnson Park is a city of Richland open space preserve with adequate muscle powered trails that connect to the north gate ¼ of a mile from Van Giesen way. You can connect with the Duportail Trail a mid-point near the terminus of Duportial road. Combining W.E. Johnson Park with the Duportial Trail and the Chamna Natural Preserve can total 5-10 miles of exercise. If you choose to take the Chamna loops you can add up to 5 more miles to your hike. TGA has now teamed with WDFW to add another small craft boat launch at this site. This is another stop/start on the lower Yakima River Trail.

Boat Launch

The Duportail boat launch is now open. It has been a long time coming with most of the thanks going to Paul Hoffarth of WDFW for his relentless paper chase to get this project done. You will need a WDFW access pass to use the launch. Please observe the operating hours and report any violators to RPD or State Patrol in care of WDFW. No vehicles are allowed outside of the barriers in any part of this area. This is a wonderful addition to provide public access and compliments the Duportail Trail connecting our co-sponsored Hyde road launch at Tapteal Bend with Duportail. Tapteal Greenway is proud to be partners with WDFW at these two lower Yakima River launches. We hope you enjoy your safe and clean experience along this section of the Yakima River.


You can get to the trail either from the Chamna Natural Preserve or the W.E. Johnson park. The directions below are for getting to the W.E. Johnson Park:

  • The park is located on Hall Road off of Van Giesen on the west side of the By-Pass Highway.