Duportail Trail


As the Duportail bridge project advances public access will temporarily disappear. All of the native habitat in the area will be replaced with gravel until the project is completed.

The Duportail Trail is a section of the Tapteal Trail that connects Chamna Natural Preserve with W.E. Johnson Park. It follows the Yakima River and offers many view points of the riparian area. Mule deer, Black Tailed jackrabbits and coyotes use this trail as a corridor for river-side travel. You will see Red Tailed hawks, Great Horned Owls and plenty of waterfowl depending on the time of day you travel the trail. A section of the down river connection is a bit soft for mountain bikes. It is approximately 2 ¼ miles from Chamna to W.E. Johnson Park.

Boat Launch

The Duportail boat launch is currently closed during bridge construction.