Chamna Natural Preserve

The Chamna Natural Preserve is a 276+ acre park with over 11 miles of muscle-powered trails suitable for jogging, walking, hiking, mountain biking and horseback riding. Signage throughout the preserve will help you get around and help you to identify various flora and fauna of the area. The hikes in the preserve have been rated as one of the top 50 desert hikes in Washington by the Mountaineers club of Seattle. The winter time offers great cross country skiing and snow shoeing if we get enough snow. Make sure you bring water as drinking water is not available. The preserve closes at 11:00 PM and opens again at dawn. Tapteal Greenway maintains the trails and has a working agreement with the city to build trails and provide amenities for the park. With the cooperation of the city, Tapteal Greenway removed over 16 tons of trash from this once abused area. We have also been involved in re-establishing native plants and have begun to eradicate noxious weeds and invasive plants in the area.

Tapteal Greenway encourages community involvement in the maintenance of the parks, and would like to welcome any visitors to bring trash bags and help clean litter along the trails.

The Chamna Natural Preserve is a Richland city park so no open fires are allowed, no camping is permitted and paintball or discharge of weapons is forbidden in the park, any ground disturbance must be approved at the City / Federal level. No vehicles are allowed in the preserve.


Chamna Natural Preserve is located in south Richland adjacent to Drywall Supply and Inland Paving. Take the Aaron street exit off highway 240 or George Washington Way. At Beaver Bark, take the overpass and turn right at the T. Proceed down the slope to the Chamna stone sign, follow the unmarked pavement to the right onto the parking lot at the end of the road.