Board of Directors


Board of Directors

All Tapteal Greenway directorships are at-large positions with the exception of the four officers, who are elected by the Board to three-year terms. There are no  limits on the number of terms that officers may serve. All directorships are recurring without term limitations. Vacant directorships can be filled at any time at the invitation of the Board. Interested members are encouraged to inquire about vacancies. The Board welcomes members as guests at its regular monthly business meetings, which are held in the evening of the second Monday of each month.

Current Officers

President – Dirk Peterson


Dirk Peterson

Vice President – Delaney Towle


Delaney Towle

Secretary – Dan Hansen




Treasurer – Stan Kuick


At-Large Directors

Adam Fyall


David Harvey



Margaret Ault


Carole Schuh


Mike Lilga

Mike Lilga (right)

Diana McPherson


Student Liaisons

Newsletter Editors


Emeritus Presidents

2015-2018 - Karen Sowers

2003-2015 - Scott Woodward

2001-2003 -  Adam Fyall

1999-2000 - Dave Nelson

1996-1998 - Mike Lilga